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Partner policy

« All partners (PG Owners) working with Book My PG would have a unique business partner code and would be applicable for all their business units at National Level.

« Book my PG at any point of time would release a contract to a maximum of 2 partners for a product or service with a business share split of  80% (For PG Owners), 20% (For Book My PG) .  Business share would be primarily based on our number of Bookings per Month. Book My PG would take lesser business share from partners whose quality of Service Exceeds and the booking revenue increases their competitiveness and customer delight. Which will be monitored on Quartley, Half yearly and Anuual basis.

« All Facilities to be provided to the Occupants as per the Bookings and should not be Changed without our Concern.

« Fully Operational Pg rooms only should be listed in our Website without any Existing Maintenance Going on.

« Cancellation of a Bed/ Room can be done by your Request and Approval from Book My PG admin.

« Offline Payments allowed only from Month 2 of the Booking.

« Additional Charges to be Mentioned in the description of the Terms of Service of the PG Property Clearly.

« Basic Amenities to be available to the Occupants 24 * 7 without any Issues.

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