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Guest policy

«  The guest who makes the booking and is the primary guest must be above the age of 18 years and of legally a sound mind to enter into the contract.

«  As mandated by the government and us, it is imperative that all guests above the age of 18 have valid photo ID cards issued by the Government of India. A valid ID card may be a driving license, Aadhaar card, passport, or voter ID card. No such guest without an ID card would be allowed to check-in.

«  Each property may have specific rules which the guest must enquire about and abide with under all circumstances. Such rules are not our responsibility to cover and we thus cannot be held liable to them by the guest being unaware.

«  After due investigation and chance to prove their side, if the behavior of a guest is found to be inappropriate by the host or as reported to the host, the host reserves the right to take needed action against the guest. This action may include but is not limited to fine or serving of notice. We will not be made a party to such disputes between the hosts and guests.

«  Timing policies may differ from property to property and host to host and it is on the guest to follow the laid down policies.

«  It is imperative that the guest keeps the property in good hygienic conditions and apart from regular wear and tear all damages will be paid for by the guest.

«  Listed amenities on any property may not specifically apply to the room/ bed of the guest and the same needs to be confirmed by the guest with the host.

«  As much as we wish to have real-time images and details of all properties, all details are impossible to list and show. It is thus advised for the guest to contact the host and even visit the property before booking as this is not the liability of ours if there is any misunderstanding at a later stage. As per the cancellation policy, no refund will be liable if the guest cancels on check-in unless as specified.

«  We advise guests to get in touch at the earliest if there is an element of fraud or misrepresentation noted by them. We advise them strongly to contact us but also the correct authorities if they ever feel that their safety is in jeopardy. Our customers and especially their safety is primary to us and we will take strict and concrete action against anyone indulging in fraud or unsafe practices.

«  You can reach our customer care through +91-8939654691, info@bookmypg.co.in

«  We reserve the right to refer to all disputes with us by the guests to the High Court of specific state which has the final jurisdiction in such matters.

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